Searching for seminars

Search for upcoming or past seminars on our updated seminar search page. You can find upcoming seminars to attend for CC credits, or look back on seminars in the current practice year that have since completed. 

In the first dropdown, select “Approved Upcoming Seminars” for ones you can attend in the future, or “Past Seminars” for completed seminars within the current practice year. 

In the “Seminar” field, enter the title of the seminar.

In the “Sponsor Contains” field, enter as much of the sponsor/seminar provider information as you wish.
Location refers to the city or province of in-person seminars. If you would like to search for online-only or in-person only seminars, select “Yes” or “No” from the dropdown next to “Online.” 

You can also select a date range between which the seminar began. Please not that when searching for past seminars you do not have this option – it only applies to future dates. 

When you see the list of results, you can sort seminars by the columns along the top. Click on the column header (Title, City, etc.) to sort the selection by ascending, and click again to search by descending. 

Click the “View” button next to a seminar to view additional details including number of approved CC hours and contact information.

If you have questions about a specific seminar, please contact the seminar provider.