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Attitudes of Practicing Chiropractors research project

At the request of the CCOA, Dr. Kent Stuber, a Parker University researcher, will conduct an independent survey of Alberta chiropractors evaluating the attitudes of practicing chiropractors toward the International Clinical and Professional Chiropractic Education Position Statement and Evidence-based practice.

There is currently no research considering the attitudes of practicing chiropractors to the International Clinical and Professional Chiropractic Education Position Statement. The role of a regulator, such as the CCOA, is to establish policies that set professional standards for professional practice beneficial to the public. The study will inform the regulator and other partners on the attitudes of practicing chiropractors when developing policy that supports safe, competent and ethical chiropractic care.

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Of interest to regulated members

Note: The following opportunities are offered by parties outside of the CCOA and are presented here for your information. 

Public Members, Health Professions College Councils

Deadline for applications: 4-17-2024 (or until all available positions are filled) 

The Government of Alberta is seeking Public Members to serve on Councils for Regulated Health Professions including the College of Chiropractors of Alberta. Public members appointed to a college council, are a key accountability mechanism that the Government of Alberta uses to ensure health professions are governed in the public interest. 

For more information and how to apply

Visit the Public agencies, boards and commissions section of the Government of Alberta website for the recruitment posting by clicking here

Email [email protected]

Note: Regulated members of the CCOA are not eligible to apply for a Public Member position for the CCOA Council but are eligible to serve as a Public Member for council for another regulatory body.

New AHS Program Helps Improve Access to Specialists

The Alberta Facilitated Access to Specialized Treatment (FAST) program allows family doctors and other healthcare providers to send referrals for urology or orthopedic surgery to a central team, who can then assign the referral to a specialist with the shortest waitlist. The FAST program will expand to all surgical specialties in the upcoming months. To support the roll out of FAST, providers and patients are invited to share their referral and consultation experiences through an online survey. Click here to read the News Release. 

Referring providers, find out how to use FAST in your area: North Zone Edmonton Zone / Central Zone  / Calgary Zone / South Zone 

Research participants needed

The webpage for studies participation has been updated with a new study seeking participants in Alberta. Click here for more information.

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