Courtesy Register

Registration on the Courtesy Register is available to chiropractors currently registered in another jurisdiction who require temporary entry to Alberta for the following purposes:

  • For educational purposes, such as acting as a visiting instructor for a CC seminar in Alberta.
    • This includes providing chiropractic instruction or demonstration involving direct patient contact.
    • This courtesy license application must be attached to a CC seminar application.

  • For temporary purposes, such as acting as a visiting clinician in Alberta.
    • This includes providing professional services directly to the public.
    • Another example of this is travelling with a sports team and providing chiropractic services specific to the participants of the sporting event.

Character and reputation

All applicants must meet CCOA standards of good character and reputation. This includes submitting documentation demonstrating the applicant has no past or past or present behaviour or conduct that would put the Alberta public at risk. Evidence is collected by self-declarations, criminal record checks, reports on regulatory history, and civil judgments.

Professional liability protection (PLP) insurance

Members with the CCOA must hold at least $5 million per claim, and a $5 million aggregate amount per year on their policies.

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