Searching for Advertising Directive Keywords

Regulated members of the CCOA are responsible for content that is posted to their websites and social media. The regulated member must actively monitor and manage their advertising moving forward to ensure they are following the Standards of Practice and Advertising Directive. Content that is not compliant with the Advertising Directive must be removed in a timely manner by the regulated member.

There are a few ways of verifying digital content is compliant:


1. Navigate to your clinic's Facebook page
2. Press the "Search" button (it may be hidden in the ... button) and type the keyword
3. Press Enter


1. In the Address bar, before the URL, type site:
2. At the end of the address bar, insert a space, then type your search keyword in quotations
3. Press Enter

site: "colic"


1. On your website, select the magnifying glass icon on the upper right of your browser
2. Choose "This site"
3. Type your search keyword, and press Enter