Background Information

About the research

At the request of the CCOA, Dr. Kent Stuber, a Parker University researcher, is conducting an independent survey (April 6-30, 2024) of Alberta chiropractors evaluating the attitudes of practicing chiropractors toward the International Clinical and Professional Chiropractic Education Position Statement and Evidence-based practice.

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. The CCOA will receive a list of members who have completed the survey upon the close by the independent researcher. Credit will be applied within 10 days of the survey closing.

There is currently no research considering the attitudes of practicing chiropractors to the International Clinical and Professional Chiropractic Education Position Statement. The role of a regulator, such as the CCOA, is to establish policies that set professional standards for professional practice beneficial to the public. The study will inform the regulator and other partners on the attitudes of practicing chiropractors when developing policy that supports safe, competent and ethical chiropractic care.

This study has received ethical approval from Parker University’s Institutional Review Board (PUIRB–2024-10).

Regulated members of the CCOA who complete the survey may receive one CC credit from the CCOA.

The survey will run April 2-30, 2024, and is administered by Parker University via the REDCap platform. Individual responses will be received by the University and will remain confidential. Only aggregate data will be shared with the CCOA and CCOA partners (such as the Government of Alberta.)

The Role of the CCOA

The CCOA regulates the chiropractic profession in Alberta, in the public interest.

The CCOA is one of 29 regulated health professions in Alberta. This privilege requires the establishing of Standards of Practice and Codes of Ethics to establish the requirements of delivering the professional services of a chiropractor.

What is CCOA’s interest in the International Chiropractic Education Collaborative (ICEC) Position Statement?

The structured pathway of obtaining professional competence through accredited programs is the foundation for all regulated health professionals as a requirement for entry to practice. When a chiropractor registers to practice in Alberta, they must have graduated from an accredited chiropractic program.

The ICECs ten position statements endeavour to deliver curricula that focus on patient-centred care, founded in evidence-based principles and aligned with contemporary expectations of health care systems.

The CCOA is interested in understanding if the ICECs position statements reflect the attitudes of practicing chiropractors in Alberta. The CCOA is also interested in the attitudes towards evidence-based practice of practicing chiropractors.

About Dr. Kent Stuber

Dr. Stuber is a clinician scientist and assistant professor at Parker University. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association and an adjunct professor at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. He has published over 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Stuber has been a practicing chiropractor in Calgary since 2002.

About Parker University

Parker University is recognized for its commitment to providing comprehensive education in chiropractic and health sciences, including a focus on research initiatives. With a history of delivering quality programs, the university aims to offer a balanced and inclusive learning environment. Emphasizing a holistic approach to health care, Parker University stands out for its modern facilities, making it a notable option for individuals seeking education and research opportunities in the health sciences.

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